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Pre-Translocation Cactus Wren Survey 2018

The Natural Communities Coalition (NCC) is proposing to translocate Cactus Wren from Orange County’s Central Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP) Reserve to the Coastal NCCP Reserve over 3 to 4 years. The status and condition of the wren populations and habitat at the Reserves will help determine whether and when to proceed with a translocation event; translocations could occur over consecutive years or non- consecutive years. This report presents the 2018 Cactus Wren survey results from a sample of two potential wren “donor” sites in the Central Reserve, one potential “receptor” site in the Coastal Reserve, and a “reference” population site located in the Central Reserve. The purpose of this survey was to conduct an initial evaluation of the current status and condition of the wren populations at these sites, relative to previous monitoring studies, to assist with deciding whether and when to initiate a translocation project. Therefore this report will also include an assessment of the status and condition of the wren population, whether to initiate translocation, as well as recommendations, based on the survey results and experiences with past survey, monitoring, and translocation studies at the Orange County NCCP Reserves.

Photo by Sandrine Biziaux

Project Team
Principal Investigator –Dana Kamada

Project Director – Milan Mitrovich, Natural Communities Coalition

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