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Progress on Invasive Plant Management 

The Natural Communities Coalition (NCC) is working closely with it’s partners to survey, prioritize, and treat invasive plant species found in the Reserve and in adjacent conservation easements. To evaluate our progress, repeat helicopter surveys were conducted to estimate changes in distribution of invasive plant species over 5-6 years. For each species, changes in distribution was compared with labor effort spent controlling that species. Significant reductions in several target species were documented as well as increases in invasive plant cover despite local control efforts (click on figure for expanded view).


The helicopter surveys provided landscape scale distribution data for invasive plant species that allowed for revisions in strategic planning for their control. The success of this repeated survey and associated management requires readily adapting to the changing conditions and strong collaboration with our partners. Funding was provided in part by a Local Assistance Grant from the California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, with matching funds from a land manager collaborative. For additional information, see Cal-IPC Dispatch, Summer 2019)

For more information on the invasive species management program, contact Danny Fry, Science Director

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